Contact Tracing Solutions Brochure

Enhance Your Contact Tracing Program to Slow Disease Spread

Having a successful, large-scale contact tracing operation in place at the local level is key to battling infectious diseases. When infected people are quickly identified and isolated, cities and regions can effectively interrupt and slow the ongoing spread of disease, as well as catch and control new outbreaks before they are able to grow.

But contact tracers across the United States are struggling with limited technology, poor data, a lack of communication among neighboring counties/regions, widespread workforce shortages, low response rates and noncompliance from the public, poor visualization of disease “hot spots,” little to no insight into locations of disease transmission, and much more. 

As a leading technology and field outsourcing organization, SPI has been optimizing complex, dynamic identification and tracking for nearly two decades, and we realized early on in the pandemic that our proprietary territory management solutions and Geo-Informations Services (GIS) technology could offer much-needed support to contact tracers in this historic public health crisis, helping to solve some of their most pressing challenges.SPI is the leader in field territory management, outsourcing, and technology, and our comprehensive, data-driven territory management technology enables successful large-scale in-field contact tracing. 

Download our brochure to learn more about the customizable, comprehensive suite of technology and territory management contact tracing solutions offered by SPI, including:

  • GIS-Powered Contact Tracing technology
  • Dynamic territory allocation
  • Routing optimization & visualization
  • User-friendly forms software
  • Outsourcing & training for a distributed contact tracing workforce