Life Sciences Contract Sales Brochure

Life Sciences BrochureSales Partnerships delivers Life Sciences results by constantly focusing on improving every element of selling. Our capabilities — the right people, understanding market and demographic data, and vast experience — make us the best collaborative partner for driving lasting results. This has helped us become the gold standard in contract sales organizations.

We offer the flexibility to quickly ramp your pharma sales team up or down based on your need, budget or business demand. Our advanced analytics tools allow us to track effectiveness and swiftly modify programs to maximize success and meet your business objectives. We can deploy contract sales teams in as little as 45 days (and sometimes less) to perform:

  • Outside Sales / Field Sales
  • Field Customer Service Teams
  • Detailing / eDetailing
  • Patient & Provider Engagement

Over our 20-year business history, we have perfected our unique and proprietary approach to ensuring every Sales Partnerships client receives a team that delivers an amazing branded experiences and measurable return on their investment, or ROI. The result is a turn-key sales and marketing outsourcing solution that helps your organization tackle all your challenges quickly and professionally.

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