There’s always a competitor ready to convince your customers to switch. Companies often neglect new or long-established relationships due to limited resources – even though it’s exponentially more expensive to acquire new customers than retain them. Keeping customers coming back will continually result in a greater ROI, but labor-intensive resources take time to build and scale. That’s where Sales Partnerships comes in with a turn key solution.

Tailored Customer Retention Strategies and Growth Solutions

Leveraging proprietary recruiting, management, and technology solutions, our customer retention and growth solutions motivate existing customers to stay engaged and lost customers to resign. We build customized plans designed so you recognize opportunities – and threats – before it is too late. We help our field representatives leverage market data analytics and take a consultative approach. It improves efficiency, so they can provide extraordinary, personalized service that enhances your brand and deepens customer engagement while still allowing your internal sales team time to find new prospects.

Sales Partnerships’ customer retention and save teams regain lost customers, or work to turn around at-risk accounts. Our award-winning programs help you:

  • Design and execute market-nuanced, multi-channel strategies that leverage and compare market data and customer segmentation to drive revenue
  • Engage customers in ongoing conversations that enhance your brand experience and increases advocacy
  • Build trust and brand loyalty with in-person meetings and face-to-face discussions
  • Develop dynamic knowledge-sharing programs to drive adoption of new innovations

“Sales Partnerships has been an important partner for us for years. They’ve helped us generate more sales than we’ve seen through either internal or external channels. They also helped us develop new ideas for products based on the data they gathered. They’ve closed deals for us from everything from small manufacturing plants to some of the largest corporations in the world as well as major U.S. government deals. Our company would look very different if not for their involvement.”

- Principal, Large National Consulting Firm

Sales outsourcing

Data-Driven Brand Affinity

Sales Partnerships’ field representatives undergo extensive brand integration training, are technology-minded and act as consultative partners ready to provide customers with information essential to quality decisions.

You can take advantage of our technology to measure and optimize performance, build brand affinity and inspire loyalty that increases the lifetime value of each customer.

Maintain profitability and reduce customer churn now.

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