The mechanics of properly implementing a one-to-one marketing program or pharmaceutical detail program are complex. It’s one thing to train customer service staff to be warm and attentive, and to send friendly emails; it’s quite another to identify, track and scale face-to-face interactions with individual customers and then get them to start using your service, buy more, or refer in more business.

Sales Partnerships can quickly engage with your customers face-to-face. We will reduce churn, activate dormant customers, and increase the business they do with you.

Do You Want to Keep Your Customers Forever?

Sales Partnerships’ employees represent your brand while using world-class technology integration to optimize their field opportunities and provide the most impact. We use proven best practices for recruiting and management to hire, train and mentor the best talent in the marketplace.

The entire time you are engaged with Sales Partnerships, we provide complete transparency into the program. You see every customer interaction at the field level better than you ever have before.

Sales Partnerships has developed a turnkey sales engagement solution that reinforces your investment into people, processes and messaging to:

  • Establish brand affinity by proving that the products, services and solutions you offer will solve their problems
  • Provide scalability to either test a limited initiative or quickly implement an enterprise-wide program across multiple verticals and markets
  • Increase customer loyalty by delivering the experience and value they expect, at ground-level
  • Provide enough data to uniquely accommodate customer interest in learning more about your products and services
  • Effectively supplement your traditional sales and marketing initiatives

“Sales Partnerships treats sales like a science while most people treat it like an art. Their discipline and focus around sales is fantastic. Sales Partnerships does sales outsourcing extremely well. They exceeded my expectations in nearly every way.”

- Senior Marketing Manager, Fortune 500 Telecommunications

Outsourced Sales With Sales Partnerships

Customized Messaging that Resonates

You put a lot of time and money into content, campaigns and technology tools. Sales Partnerships will show you how our approach to building experienced, well-trained teams supported with integrated marketing and sales programs can help you excite internal champions and win sales, the true measure of ROI.

Sophistication your CEO expects. Customization your marketing team demands.

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