SPI’s Innovative Geo-Location Data Visualization Tool, QuickView for COVID-19, Empowers Local and State Health Officials to Quickly and Easily Visualize Outbreaks, Track Trends, and Identify Areas of Concern in Real Time   

As a leading technology and field outsourcing organization, SPI has been optimizing complex, dynamic identification and tracking for nearly two decades, and we realized early on in the pandemic that our proprietary territory management solutions and Geo-Informations Services (GIS) technology could offer much-needed support to contact tracers in this historic public health crisis. 

SPI is currently offering a GIS-powered data visualization tool called QuickView for COVID-19 that enables health departments to infected individual’s movements in relation to where others in their community have gone (rather than just recording their home location, which is the current standard for most public health departments), allowing for the swift identification of locations of disease spread and transmission “hot spots.” 

The benefits of SPI’s data visualization technology for infectious disease tracking: 

  • Tracks sites of transmission and identifies disease hot spots
  • Offers a modern, user-friendly platform to collect and analyze data
  • Enables better risk assessment and decision-making at the local level
  • Supports enhanced public health and safety efforts
  • Turns in-depth geospatial data into actionable public health insights and directives in real-time
  • Enables contact tracing data to be quickly actionable for critical decision making on both the public health and economic fronts
  • Provides greater transparency and more effective data sharing among neighboring counties, states, or regions to support a coordinated effort to stop disease spread

Targeted, Data-Driven Door-to-Door Vaccination Education and Outreach

SPI is the nation’s leader in field territory and workforce management solutions. Our innovative territory management technology and staffing solutions enable us to put highly trained vaccine canvassers into targeted communities quickly in order to help increase vaccination rates across the country. 

SPI currently offers door-to-door vaccine outreach to help educate the public about vaccines and combat vaccine hesitancy. 

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