Today’s selling requires sales skills, product proficiency, management support, and leveraging the best tools available to optimize your productivity. Being a subject matter expert was enough in the pre-Internet days, but today, everyone has vast amounts of information readily available.

The technology supporting the best teams will improve their sales skills, reinforce product knowledge, better enable management to help, and provide precision pinpointing of how to optimize sales work.

Sales Partnerships was founded on the idea of leveraging every possible way of increasing field results. This has ranged from our custom development of award-winning mapping (GIS) solutions to leveraging integrated communications platforms to drive better training results.

You Build Products and Services — We Build Sales Programs that Produce

We leverage a proprietary 360-degree process that measures every element of the selling environment ranging from recruiting to territory control, and from training management to field results. Every element is then connected and measured as to how they all impact each other. We continuously make incremental improvements until we find the perfect fit for your business objectives.

Beyond just getting better results, we share data with our clients, giving them executive analysis to help identify threats and opportunities. For example, we provide:

  • Integrated mapping tools (GIS) to better manage territories
  • Business intelligence reporting that allows for sales representative benchmarking
  • Location-based data about customer preferences and buying behavior both individually and in aggregate
  • Identification of opportunities to expand markets or move deeper into existing markets successfully
  • Specific, actionable steps to reduce customer churn and increase loyalty for your products and services
  • Data to optimize sales team performance — not only for the Sales Partnerships teams in the field, but also for your internal teams and channel partners
  • Solutions to drive increased revenue through targeted representative deployment and market strategy adjustments
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Insights that drive business value

Rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach, our integrated technology platform is customized to your business objectives and to help you gain better market insights. Our tools provide transparency into each field representative’s performance, giving you total visibility into their day-to-day activities by individual representative, territory location and vertical market.

The analysis to develop better sales performance

How we do it
Let us show you how we can expand new territories through analytics.