Sales Outsourcing Technical Capabilities Brochure

Your business has undoubtedly changed because of information technology and mobility, but we think your sales practices should change too. Sales Partnerships works to help you make sense of your data, and holds sales representatives accountable by providing cloud-based analytics and multiple dashboards that work specifically for your business.

No other outsourced sales technical platform offers a real-time 360-degree view connecting your company’s senior management to our feet-on-the-street performance.

Improve your sales performance with real-time feedback:

  1. Our field reporting extension allows managers to access reports via their mobile devices while in the field, and reference data and dashboards when working with representatives to improve their performance.
  2. CRM activity data is collected from the field, analyzed, and reported to managers. This shows them areas of strengths and weaknesses in the representative’s selling process so they can incorporate real statistics into training and development activities.
  3. Our system allows managers to analyze sales by different variable or category such as industry, business, size, region, territory, etc. Activity metrics and outcomes are reported to team members daily to reinforce standards for activity and results.

Our technical capabilities allow your business to do things like:

  • Custom-build map libraries with territories created based on opportunity analysis.
  • Maximize field rep productivity by taking into account physical barriers, traffic patterns, target customer density, and more.
  • Notify reps of contract expiration dates, future product promo/interests, business status changes, etc.
  • Transfer Salesforce data, customer records, purchased data, or more and schedule daily, weekly, or monthly analysis by our professional services team.


Do you want to learn more about our technical capabilities? Click here to download our printable brochure.