Since its founding, Sales Partnerships has created an environment for sales professionals to thrive and achieve selling success.

We create an environment that respects what field professionals do. They are provided with ongoing training, smart management, and the tools and support they need to keep them focused on driving results.

Our corporate team, management and support staff all have a primary responsibility to continually develop and maintain the systems, process, and environment for sales success. We invest in targeted sales training, personnel development, technology and process design. This enables our sales professionals to reach their full potential and drive the results our clients expect while maintaining the quality of interaction and customer experience you’d expect if you built your own sales teams.

Having the right team gives you the best chance at success.

Sales Professionals

Sales Partnerships was founded by sales professionals for sales professionals.

Professional sales representatives understand the value that comes from having sales management and sales operations support staff with sales backgrounds themselves.

We speak the language of sales and back it up every day in our methods and actions. When surveyed regarding why personnel took positions when equivalent other options were available to them, Sales Partnerships reps responded they came because, “I like the Sales Partnerships environment.”

Other factors that influence our reps coming aboard are investments in training and logistics, and technology support at levels they’ve never experienced. Sales professionals that establish themselves at Sales Partnerships see marked improvements in their skills and focus, and become better sales people.

Sales Professionals

Sales Recruiting Team

Recruiting is a vital component of our core service offering. Sales positions are considered the most difficult position to hire due to the soft skill nature of the position. Our sales recruiting team comes from sales and sales management backgrounds; they understand and can recognize the types of people needed to excel at the sales work we do. Added to that, they leverage proprietary hiring tools allowing for more accurate measurement of personnel skills and fit for different programs.

We work with our dedicated sales management teams every day to find the best sales professionals for the job. Our recruiters are specialists in hiring just sales professionals.

Good recruiting is the foundation of a successful sales endeavor and we invest substantially in the people and processes to get this part of the job done right.

Sales Recruiting Team

Quality Control Team

Our Quality Control team follows up with your customers and prospects to ensure your brand values were upheld, information was provided correctly, and any additional customer or prospect questions are addressed immediately. This insures ultimate brand protection for you and the ability to accurately measure and control the outcomes of your program.