Sales Outsourcing Corporate Brochure

Sales Partnerships delivers results by constantly focusing on improving every element of selling. Our capabilities — the right people, understanding market and demographic data, and vast experience — make us the best collaborative partner for driving lasting results. This has helped us become the gold standard in external selling partners.

Over our 20-year business history, we have perfected our unique and proprietary approach to ensuring every Sales Partnerships client receives a team that delivers an amazing branded experiences and measurable return on their investment, or ROI. The result is a turn-key sales and marketing outsourcing solution that helps your organization tackle all your challenges quickly and professionally.

Why Sales Partnerships?

  • Strong Return on Investment. Since 1997, our clients have seen better results and lower costs than any other option.
  • Speed to Market. Our sales teams are launched quickly, in as little as 30 days, and ramp to target 50% faster than industry averages, without a drain on your internal resources.
  • Complete Transparency. Unlike most other outsourcing firms, we provide complete transparency into each customer interaction. Our reporting integrates photographs and technology to ensure the program is running efficiently and your brand standards are being upheld.
  • Proven Results. You will see results, but also have access to data and analysis detailing how those results are achieved.
  • You are in control. You control the product, territory, integration with internal sales teams and which customers to target. Our job is to provide guidance and execute for you.
  • Gold Standard Representation – Day 1 to 1,000. Gain instant access to best of breed selling technology, systems, processes, and expertise without making substantial investments in time and treasure to get there. Constant improvement and representation from Sales Partnerships keeps you ahead of the market.

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