You have to move fast to stay ahead of your competition. Sales models must be attuned to market trends, and teams must be flexible and responsive to a dynamic marketplace. All the necessary resources may not be in-house, but in order to realize maximum efficiencies, perhaps they shouldn’t be.

Customizing Teams to Your Goals

With 20 years experience, dozens of new product launches in a variety of industries, and experience working in more than 100 markets across North America, Sales Partnerships knows how to build winning product launch strategies. In addition to recruiting, training and managing your sales force, our sales programs go far beyond those of a traditional outsourced sales firm, including:

  • Identifying receptive sales territories and engaging at a field level
  • Delivering a value message that enhances your brand
  • Executing on integrated sales/marketing programs to drive revenue
  • Meeting sales targets faster and more reliably 
  • Boosting sales in existing markets
  • Rapidly expanding into one or several new geographic markets 
  • Providing complete transparency into our entire process: from training to scripting; from field interaction notes to market reporting data
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“We’ve worked with other sales outsourcing firms. Sales Partnerships is in a class by itself. Beyond getting better numbers, they sincerely care about honestly reporting what is happening and methodically improving the numbers. I have the greatest respect for Sales Partnerships.”

- Senior Marketing Director, Dex Media

Actionable Data Analysis

Actionable Data Analysis

Using proprietary mapping and business intelligence tools, Sales Partnerships can build out and plan sales territories that more effectively target your ideal customers. Our field sales representatives collect data from the ground level of your territories, allowing us to extrapolate into real-time and make adjustment as necessary to maximize your return on investment. Sales Partnerships transforms messy data into useful information and builds elite sales teams possessing the expertise they need to personalize sales messaging and be the partner you need to expand your market share.

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