SELLING DURING AN EPIDEMIC, Part 2: A How-To Guide for Safer Field Sales During COVID-19

This is the second installment in a series where we discuss how to safely engage in field sales during COVID-19. While our first white paper addressed concerns around where and when to engage in face-to-face selling, here SPI’s founder & CSO Fred Kessler and well-known sales leader and Pathfinder Business Consultants founder Jay Graves break down how to safely engage in outside sales activity and what kinds of training to provide field sales teams.

We’ll cover:

  • Policy and procedure recommendations for field sales leaders
  • How to adopt and implement wide-spread usage of PPE
  • How to evaluate the safety of your field territory
  • Updated rules of engagement with customers
  • Key training to provide to your field sales team before they start interacting with customers
  • Helpful resources to stay informed and make data-driven decisions about your field activity