SELLING DURING AN EPIDEMIC, Part 1: Is Your State Safe for Face-to-Face Field Sales?

Sales leaders are currently faced with some of the toughest decisions of their professional careers as they decide when and how to send their sales reps safely back into the field for face-to-face engagement during an epidemic.

Field engagement is a crucial part of any successful sales organization and often yields better conversion rates than telephonic or digital approaches because in-person interaction allows for an immediate, real-world understanding of the customer’s environment, needs, needs challenges.

But, because of COVID-19, in-field sales teams are facing unprecedented challenges not seen in more than a century as they grapple with things like when and where to re-enter the field, how to interact with customers safely and successfully, and how to adjust their field activity based on the presence of COVID in their communities. 

Fred Kessler (President and CSO at Sales Partnerships, Inc.) and Jay Graves (Founder at Pathfinder Business Consultants and Former VP of Sales at Roche Diabetes Care) provide a strategic framework for sales leaders to decide when and how to safely re-introduce their teams to the field in a COVID-19 world. 

In this paper, they’ll break down crucial recommendations about re-entry, such as:

  • How to decide when it’s safe to go back into the field, and when to push pause on re-entry
  • How re-entering the field will affect your own brand as well as external sales channels
  • How to evaluate the safety of your field territory
  • A strategic template for data-driven decision-making about re-entry using case study examples of 3 territories: Arizona, Illinois & New York
  • a list of valuable resources to consult when evaluating the field and the presence of COVID-19 in your territory