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SPI Launches Door-to-Door Vaccine Outreach & Education Field Program


To help communities across the U.S. increase vaccination rates in the fight against COVID-19, SPI has recently launched a new nationwide Door-to-Door Vaccination Outreach and Education Field Program. Under his new program, SPI can recruit, train, and manage highly qualified vaccine canvassers for local and state entities, while also working in harmony with other community-based programs to combat vaccine hesitancy.

SPI is the national leader in field sales territory and workforce management, and we saw an opportunity to use our experience in the field and innovative territory management technology to help combat vaccine hesitancy and do our part to increase vaccination rates across the country.

Through the Door-to-Door Vaccine Education and Outreach Program, SPI will work in tandem with community-based organizations and health departments to hire, train, and manage a team of vaccine ambassadors in targeted communities in order to educate the public on the benefits of vaccination against COVID-19. In particular, the program will provide enhanced support for those communities at most risk, and SPI will employ canvassers from within those at-risk communities who are able to successfully deliver public health messaging and make a true difference in the lives of their neighbors and community members.

While many local community organizations are engaging in effective vaccine outreach in the U.S., SPI saw a unique opportunity for a private company to empower these efforts by bringing award-winning technology, proven workforce management tools and solutions, and the ability to enter a market quickly and scale up or down as needed.


“As the most awarded field sales outsourcing organization in the country, putting highly trained ambassadors into the field quickly and efficiently is our strength,” said CEO Fred Kessler, who founded SPI nearly 25 years ago. “Because of the experience we have in managing complex nationwide field teams, SPI is uniquely qualified to deploy vaccine ambassadors on an as-needed basis into towns and cities across the U.S.”


Click here to learn more about SPI’s Door-to-Door Vaccine Outreach and Education program or email [email protected] if you’d like SPI to manage a vaccine canvassing program in your community.