Why Outsource Your Sales With Sales Partnerships?

SPI has led the outsourced sales industry in productivity, innovation, and quality control. We can often outperform what many of our clients can produce with internal direct sales programs or arms length resale and contract sales channels.  SPI hasn’t lost a head-to-head competition with any other sales outsourcing or contract sales firm in the past ten years.

We will expand your sales reach, fill gaps in your sales and marketing strategy, launch new products, or replace under-performing channels. Like all outsourcing functions, an outsourced sales team can  increase return on investment, guarantee better speed to market, and free your company to focus on the process of building your business and products. You focus on your core competencies while we focus on driving sales for you.

Advantages of Working With Sales Partnerships:

  • Sales team established and selling quickly (as little as 45 days – sometimes faster)
  • Accountable directly to you.  You’ll see results, but also have access to data and analysis detailing how those results are achieved.
  • You control the product, territory, and target customers – you set the focus and level of integration with your marketing, support, and other departments.
  • Dedicated to your products and services and branded under your name so you control the message and the customer experience.
  • Strong return on investment – often with lower costs than building internally.
  • Substantially reduced internal organizational impact of rolling out new products or new sales channels.
  • Gain instant access to best of breed selling technology, systems, processes, and expertise without making substantial investments in time and treasure to get there.

Below are some additional and frequently cited reasons that many of our clients and prospective clients have given us when considering outsourcing a portion or all of their direct sales activities.

  • Lack of available internal resources and expertise needed to manage the support infrastructure, personnel, recruiting, and technology needed for effective selling.
  • Desire to expand sales reach and launch new products or markets without increasing internal liabilities, infrastructure, and related management headaches.
  • Reduce HR/labor cost footprint and improve recruiting and retention versus internal efforts.
  • Reduce start up costs and/or establish more manageable and predictable selling costs.
  • Expand or improve coverage in new or under-performing territories.
  • Expand or improve sales of new or under-performing products.
  • Overcome bureaucratic or budgetary obstacles to building additional internal channels.
  • Desire for greater accountability, analysis, and dependable performance management than is available internally.