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Sales Partnerships honored at Stevie Awards

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Westminster, Colorado – March 7, 2016 – Sales Partnerships Inc. (SPI), the industry leader in sales outsourcing (also called sales augmentation or contract sales) with teams in more than 30 US cities in addition to inside sales teams, was recognized through the Stevie Awards as the US’s top outsourced sales company, the top field sales […]

Sales Partnerships’ Philadelphia Office Runs Food Bank For A Day

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Westminster, Colo – January 20, 2015 – Sales Partnerships Inc. (SPI) congratulates our Philadelphia team for its efforts to help feed local people in need. The local office of SPI volunteered to pack and distribute food on January 2nd as part of SPI’s initiative to give back to the community. “It was very rewarding. It […]

Why Work Commission-Only When You Can Get a Base Salary?

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Skip commission only…   Direct & Consultative Sales Web Site Consultation Social Media Integration Social Networking Business development   You will be responsible for educating business on web site strategies helping to drive customers and increase revenues.  Don’t work for commission only. We provide a $30k base salary and expect $50-60k your first year! You […]

Sales Team Strategy for Small Business Web & Hosting Services

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Summary: The sales team strategy for selling small business website must optimize how often representatives get in front of prospects. Building a sense of authority and business knowledge is crucial for the sales representative.  A good rep must get to a conversation that talks about how the business is driving new customer acquisition. Small business owners […]

A Better Internal Sales Force Can Be A Result of Direct Outsourcing

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One opportunity we’ve noticed, in building over a hundred outsourced sales teams, is that a doorway to providing a full cure, usually opens. A cure for inefficient sales processes such as sales planning, fulfillment and customer relationship management (CRM). A prescription that manages symptoms like low sales but also promotes the long-term health of your […]

Pharmaceutical Outsourced Sales Solutions

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Summary: SPI offers direct outsourced pharma sales teams that can provide best of breed solutions to its pharmaceutical partners. If companies need sales representatives but are unable to increase permanent headcounts, we can provide effective outsourced options. Sales headcount in the US  has declined the past few years from over 100,000 down to between 60,000 […]

Deregulated Energy Selling Strategy

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Summary: Outsourced sales teams allow a deregulated energy supplier to acquire energy market knowledge out of the box. Since it’s a newer industry, fewer sales reps are available with experience. Choosing to work with a sales company that has experience in the local energy market means getting a sales force that knows how to sell […]

Telecommunications & Wireless Outsourced Sales

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Building B2B outsourced sales teams for our telecommunications & wireless clients is always a welcome challenge for our team. In these engagements, we build sales teams that target small-to-medium sized businesses (SMB’s). SMB’s have grown comfortable with mobile technology,  are increasingly more educated about their specific needs and demand custom solutions that answer those needs. […]


Our Clients Say

“We’ve worked with other sales channel partners. Sales Partnerships is in a class by itself. Beyond getting better numbers, they sincerely care about honestly reporting what is happening and methodically improving the numbers. I have the greatest respect for SPI.”

Senior Marketing Director, Dex Media

“SPI treats sales like a science while most people treat it like an art. Their discipline and focus around sales is fantastic. SPI does sales outsourcing extremely well, they exceeded my expectations in nearly every way.”

Senior Marketing Manager, Level 3 Communications

“Sales Partnerships has been an important partner for us for years. They’ve helped us generate more sales than we’ve seen through either internal or external channels. They also helped us develop new ideas for products based on the data they gathered. They’ve closed deals for us from everything from small manufacturing plants to some of the largest corporations in the world as well as major US Government deals. Our company would look very different if not for their involvement.”

CEO, EHS Consulting and Training Products Firm

“SPI definitely handles sales differently than contract sales firms. Their accounts stick and are the types of accounts we keep (and want to keep) for a long time. Not only do they sell, but we improve our brand and fully understand what is going on at a field level.”

Division VP of Sales, Fortune 100 Bank

“We’ve grown several fold as a company almost entirely due to SPI. We doubled our client base and became even more respected in the marketplace. They helped us improve revenue, but also as a company. They are great partners.”

CEO, Aviation Software firm