About Us


Years of Experience

Who We Are

Sales Partnerships, Inc. is a contract sales organization founded in 1997 with the mission to combine best practices in sales recruitment, training, management, quality assurance and selling technologies into a complete services platform that consistently delivers exceptional results for our clients. We’ve been recognized and awarded multiple times as the best sales outsourcing firm in North America, for innovation in the fields of applied sales technology, best service offerings, one of the best places to work, and for the individual accomplishments of its sales professionals and key leadership team members.

10 Billion Dollars

In Revenue Generated

for Our Clients Since 1997

Sales Partnerships has consistently delivered powerful results. With our focused and strategic approach, we've generated over $10 billion in revenue, helping our clients thrive and dominate in their markets.

1 Million

Customer Interactions a Year

Each year, Sales Partnerships engages in over a million customer interactions, crafting personalized experiences that drive growth and build lasting relationships for our clients.

Why We’re Successful

Sales Partnerships presents a clear choice when it comes to deciding how to direct sell your products and services – our award winning process and data-driven methods deliver results consistently and with exceptional quality and performance standards. Sales Partnerships uses forward-thinking sales best practices and processes, backed up by extensive data tracking and analysis to monitor progress and maximize sales results. Your sales results should not depend on poorly understood or uncontrolled practices or processes, or be dependent on the results of a handful of superstar sales professionals whose efforts can’t be replicated or scaled-up.