Field Sales Strategies Case Study: Sales Partnerships, Inc. Achieves 55% Market Share for Ting Internet

Summary of Sales Partnerships’ Strategy

Ting Internet, a division of Tucows, is a $100M Internet services provider supplying fiber Internet services to consumers and businesses in approximately a dozen US markets. They compete with multi-billion dollar multinationals with incumbent positions and significant advantages in their home markets. Consequently, Sales Partnerships, Inc. was asked to help Ting with market launches designed to unseat large and well-funded incumbents. In these two cases, Comcast/Xfinity and Spectrum as well as AT&T in South Denver and Raleigh-Durham, NC, more than 100,000 households were being sought as customers.


Sales Partnerships’ Challenges

Marketing and telesales succeeded in helping Ting reach a 5% market capture in residential Internet services in the South Denver and Southwest Greater Raleigh areas. While 5% was a good start, it wasn’t the long-term target. Their approach to the market required high-quality sales with well above average retention rates.

Achieving this goal required selling differently than the big incumbents or other competitors.

Moreover, competitors were investing heavily in these markets while the incumbents were leveraging both large marketing budgets and inherent advantages as long-established incumbents. Effective field sales strategies, including going door to door at each household, would be needed to achieve this objective.

Additionally, the challenges of Covid-19 and building teams during one of the most difficult recruiting markets in modern history were significant. SPI pushed for 100% vaccination rates to keep both staff and customers safe. North Carolina vaccination rates were below 50%, with even lower rates in field sales personnel statewide.


customer retention during the first year.


market share obtained by the end of 2022, surpassing targets.


market share achieved through direct marketing and telesales efforts.

Solutions Provided by Sales Partnerships


Sales Partnerships built the two teams in 90 days, leveraging our systems optimizing recruiting, training, and field management. We started by GIS mapping every opportunity and limiting recruiting to just the narrow areas where we would be working. Within those maps, we used our AI-integrated recruiting system to target the potential reps needed. The targets required successfully working tens of thousands of households – the scale would require dozens of field reps working successfully.

Recruiting in 2022 for sales was more difficult than at any point in modern history. Field sales is normally competitive, but it became even more competitive than other industries as large numbers of field reps opted not to return to the field during Covid. Lastly, we knew our reps would need to be fully vaccinated, further reducing our pool of potential candidates.

The answer to the recruiting challenge was three-fold:


Utilized GIS mapping and AI-integrated recruiting system for targeted hiring


Assessed key personality traits and used an effective training model


Built strong community ties through constant presence and volunteering

First: We headhunted some of the best talent by presenting a supportive work environment that matched their beliefs and values. By appealing to their sense of responsibility and dedication, we attracted candidates who were looking for a company that prioritized their well-being and aligned with their personal values.

Second: We assessed personality characteristics present in top producers for this type of sale over the past several years. We integrated testing for those characteristics directly and indirectly into our recruiting assessments. By identifying candidates with the behavioral matches we needed, we created a pool of highly qualified and trainable candidates. Using our “flipped classroom” training model, we combined computer-based learning and direct instruction with role-play and frequent touch-point training. This allowed us to get similar results to our experienced team members.

Third: We built closer community ties in the target markets than other competitors. With a constant presence in the neighborhoods where we were selling, volunteering efforts in the community, and working community events, we were able to demonstrate that we were a player to be reckoned with in Denver and Raleigh.

Results Achieved by Sales Partnerships


Achieving the largest market share in Denver or Raleigh required us to secure between 35% and 40% market share. By the end of 2022, we surpassed 55% market share in both markets, significantly exceeding our targets. This was particularly impressive in Denver, a former Comcast/Xfinity stronghold.

Furthermore, we maintained over 95% customer retention during the first year, far surpassing the industry average retention rate of 70%. This success allowed us to expand our sales efforts, targeting a dozen new markets in the coming year.

Despite the difficult market conditions, Sales Partnerships helped us blow away our targets. Their constant diligence in refining how they operate is why they succeed where others fail. We consider them a valuable long-term partner.

Program Lead, Ting Internet

About Sales Partnerships, Inc.

Sales Partnerships, Inc.  provides turnkey field-based outsourced sales services for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies in more than 200 North American markets. As a business process outsourcing (BPO) company specializing in sales, we leverage proprietary solutions and technologies integrated with sales teams we hire and manage, presenting under our clients’ brands. Our calling card is efficiently fielding successful teams in weeks that would normally take quarters or years to deliver while still providing the gold standard for brand protection and accountability.

When competing head-to-head with other sales outsourcing firms, Sales Partnerships, Inc. has a program success rate of almost 90% (measured as beating quota during the proof of concept period, then sustaining beating quota every quarter). Our 2:1 out-performance of our competitors sets Sales Partnerships, Inc. as the standard for the market. Head to head, in 25 years, Sales Partnerships, Inc. has never been outperformed by a competitor.

Sales Partnerships, Inc. recognitions include several past Stevie Awards (top outsourced sales team, top field sales team, top training systems, top recruiting systems, finalists for sales representatives of the year/sales managers of the year), various industry awards, and 7 Inc 500/5000 wins.