Employee Testimonial: Creating a Career

What makes Sales Partnerships a great place to work? In this video, you’ll hear from one of our current employees about how they started their career with the company.

Here’s the Transcript
“Hi, I’m Brian Duxbury, I am Director for Sales Partnerships on one of our programs. I started here because about 4 years ago or so I was looking to change my career. I wasn’t really sure exactly what to get into, then I found this opportunity to sell websites door to door (small businesses, restaurants, barber shops, all that) and it seemed very interesting to me, but I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a long-term career or not, or how that was going to work out.

The great thing was I came into the job not knowing what to expect, and immediately started selling my first website, then one everyday, then even two a day at one point, so I’ve been very successful with that. In that, it’s opened the door.

Sales Partnerships, through their excellent training programs, through other opportunities that they presented, I was able to take over a market in Pittsburgh and manage the team there, so found success in that, and it eventually led me to here. I’ve been able to manage up to 250 agents across the country. I’ve been able to travel throughout the U.S.

They offer competitive salary, benefits, it’s been an awesome opportunity for me.”