Employee Testimonial: Having a Great Career

What makes Sales Partnerships a great place to work? In this video, you’ll hear from one of our current employees about their experience with the company.

Here’s The Transcript
“My name is Ryan Steiner. I started working here at Sales Partnerships back in July of 2015 on the quality assurance POP-stop program. I started out as a rep in the Phoenix, Arizona training and then went to Kansas City where I became a rep in the field.

I worked there for about 7 months, and then along the lines got a promotion. I became actually a regional manager of a team in Kansas City, and that’s one of the things I really like about my job. We have an ability to reward people who have gone out and done a good job and worked hard.

Through that experience I had never had an opportunity to manage people beforehand, and one of the things I really enjoyed is having people coach me in the ongoing training, and manage me to allow me the opportunity to coach other people and get them to where they wanted to go.

Underneath working for me, I had 4 different people who also got promoted to managers themselves. So it just goes to show how if you work hard here at SPI and you put in the hours, you can have a really good career, and you can get promoted.”