Telecommunications Case Study: Enterprise Sales

International Telecommunications Provider

The Client’s Problem
Our client was the world’s largest Internet bandwidth and collocation companies and had to radically change directions, moving away from engineering and toward marketing and sales as the company’s core focus. All divisions of the business were set to be re-structured to meet this goal.

The Marketplace
The client wanted to target middle- to large-market Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) and similar companies that would then resell the bandwidth to the middle market. A significant amount of their business was also tied to collocation.

The Sales Partnerships Solution

  • We started with a detailed analysis of the client’s product packages, learning how they had been sold in the past. This information was used to blueprint a successful program that generated additional revenue.
  • Sales Partnerships headhunted some of the top sales representatives from the client’s direct competitors, including sales managers, and deployed a sales program using our patented technologies and methodologies to maximize their sales results.
  • Although employees of Sales Partnerships, the sales representatives were fully branded “virtual” representatives of the client. They closed deals on the telecommunications provider’s contracts and handed out the client’s branded business cards, but were managed by Sales Partnerships (all while we were fully accountable to the client for all activities).
  • Sales Partnerships engaged newer markets where the company had limited penetration to not only secure deals, but to also establish a presence to build future business.

Sales Partnerships’ sales model generated an ROI of better than 10:1 comparatively. At the same time, this allowed the company’s internal sales and marketing teams to build upon our successes to improve their own productivity and functionality. Overall, Sales Partnerships created new deals that helped break into new verticals and establish our client in territories they had not previously before worked.