Technology Case Study: New Data Center Solution

An international data center services provider.

A large data center company created a new solution providing the ability to connect multiple networks together, control bandwidth costs, and offer previously unseen flexibility to the marketplace. The company’s solution was well-positioned because the technology had previously been unused for application within data centers, but because there was no referrable history, they were not sure if it would be a sellable and scalable solution for other data centers.

The Client’s Problem
The company had excellent sales representatives and management in their co-location division (their primary profit center), but they didn’t want to risk their personnel or internal human resources on a new concept that may or may not succeed. Before they were willing to invest millions of dollars into building this program out, they wanted to objectively test it.

The Marketplace
The market for the solution was relatively unknown. The specs were known regarding what technology must be in place to use the solution, but which companies fit that profile were not realized, and the data center company did not have the market intelligence to identify potential clients.

The Sales Partnerships Solution

  • Sales Partnerships tapped into the company’s existing resources to build a list of companies that met the required technical specs. This involved the compilation of data from several different resources with a targeted marketing approach to identify and segment the most viable marketplace.
  • We placed a sales team on the campaign to start working with potential prospects and begin the sales process. They were tasked with finding creative ways to present the new solution to the marketplace while positively building the brand identity of the client.
  • Sales Partnerships’ proprietary field sales solutions were used to build new relationships with companies that had never worked with the client and identify the viability of the solution to data centers.
  • Within 2 months, Sales Partnerships had created a business case showing that the marketplace was not profitable enough to justify this product using objective standards.
  • In addition to this work, Sales Partnerships simultaneously helped build new relationships for the co-location division that resulted in several new Fortune 500 clients.

Sales Partnerships provided a necessary business case to the data center client saving them money and resources while simultaneously allowing them to leverage their internal sales teams to build new high-priority relationships.