Software Case Study: Aviation Software Company

A premier provider of scheduling and dispatching aviation software.

The Client’s Problem
This particular aviation software company was in the same situation that many subject-matter experts (SME’s) find their businesses in. They had brilliant product development personnel who doubled as executives, but lacked the resources to build a full sales program.

The Marketplace
The market had relatively little saturation for scheduling and dispatching software. Aviation departments too often used whiteboards to track where their planes were. The sale required not only the presentation of benefits, but the ability to help flight departments fundamentally re-think how they provide their services.

The Sales Partnerships Solution

  • Sales Partnerships evaluated the past sales activities of the aviation software company and spoke with their current and potential customers. After the sales assessment, the key takeaway was that their overall strategy for sales needed to change to gain better market saturation.
  • Sales Partnerships helped identify an integrated marketing and sales approach to build brand identity and close more sales.
  • The sales strategy fundamentally changed away from how it was originally done. Rather than talking about the “box” (the software already written), we began talking to flight departments and other departments who used their services about what they needed. This helped identify what would be needed to present to companies to effectively close deals.
  • Sales Partnerships built the programs necessary to sustain and continuously grow the success of the program across a period of two years.

Sales Partnerships was able to create a sales program that resulted in doubling the client’s current customer base in the first two years, while fundamentally helping the company restructure its approach and fulfillment of sales.