Achieving Workflow Automation and Business Scale with Flowfinity

Flowfinity & Sales PartnershipsFlowfinity Wireless Inc., a leading software firm enabling businesses to quickly build and scale customizable mobile applications, recently released a new case study detailing how their enterprise mobile application software has helped Sales Partnerships, Inc. expand and increase workflow.

Since working with Flowfinity, Sales Partnerships has been able to quickly build and implement a multitude of applications and dashboards to help efficiently scale our business to over 100 markets and territories in the United States.

With customer satisfaction being our number one priority, Sales Partnerships can now add additional value to our services by creating a custom solution for each client. Flowfinity’s powerful customization capabilities enable our business to develop mobile applications for each customer, letting clients capture the specific data sets they need.

Flowfinity’s automated database configuration and integration capabilities also allow our team of sales professionals to access field data in real-time, and quickly produce reportable data sets to send back to business leaders and clients. This improved feedback loop enables our team to perform more, higher-quality work at a rapid pace.

In the recruiting and talent management departments, teams can now conduct more interviews and hire faster while keeping a high level of business integrity and standards.

“With a solid workflow automation tool, we have been able to efficiently ramp up operations and successfully scale our business on a nationwide level.”

Some of the key technical requirements needed from Flowfinity included:

  • Offline use,
  • Conditional logic,
  • On-device calculations,
  • Integration capabilities,
  • and enhanced formula fields.

Read the full case study from Flowfinity here.