A New Take on Sales Growth

A recent study by McKinsey & Company, a global firm comprised of more than 10,000 consultants and nearly 2,000 research and information professionals, revealed new insights into the vastly evolving dynamics surrounding sales growth. In it, the well-established firm is urging businesses to start reimagining their sales growth as new digital technologies (i.e. data and analytics) start becoming more prevalent, and providing more relevant information.

How Increased Automation is Leading to
Outsourced Sales

Analytics driven salesThe ubiquitous automation of these types of back-end procedures are already beginning to change the way sales teams look across a myriad of industries. With the technological shift, the concept of outsourcing sales in whole is becoming more pervasive, and turning the corner from healthcare and pharmaceuticals to Fortune 500.

As technology starts to solve a host of administrative problems sales teams used to spend large parts of their days doing, sales operations professionals are now starting to get familiar with algorithms, SaaS platforms, and data sciences. Of course, this doesn’t mean salespeople are out of the selling equation. Even as a good chunk of the pre-sales work becomes automated, the human touch is still a vital part of closing the deal.

Analytics can do more than keep score for you sales team. They can be used to foster more relevant conversations with prospects and allow sales reps to directly address specific problems at multiple decision-maker levels.

As more sales teams start to rely on technology to better understand their leads, McKinsey & Company explore the thought of outsourcing the whole sales function, stating:

Outsourcing the part of your business that involves selling to customers sounds risky at first, but for pioneering companies, the fact that the salesperson doesn’t work directly for the company no longer matters, nor is it important that s/he may be selling products from several different companies in the same category over the course of a week. What matters for the manufacturer is that someone is out there pounding the pavement, the phone, and the digital platforms, getting the product into the hands of customers more cheaply and effectively than the company can do itself.

By outsourcing sales teams directly, rather than through independent sales agent channels, you can control the message and territory delivery. You know that your reps are selling your product and protecting your brand because that’s what they were hired to do. There are no competing products or sales compensation incentives competing with your rep’s attention.

Removing The Reservations Behind Your
Sales Growth

Data-Driven Brand AffinityAs more business becomes privy to the concept of outsourcing for loyalty program growth, marketing, and accounting…outsourcing sales has started to look like the next natural step in the process.

The largest hurdle could be removing sales managers’ reservations to keep everything in-house. With benefits like lower costs, increased ROI, and being able to shift their focus and resources on the company’s more pivotal missions though, how long will sales growth ideas stay stagnant?

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