A Better Internal Sales Force Can be a Result of Direct Outsourcing

One opportunity we’ve noticed (in building over a hundred outsourced sales teams) is that a doorway to providing a full cure, usually opens. A cure for inefficient sales processes such as sales planning, fulfillment and customer relationship management (CRM). A prescription that manages symptoms like low sales, but also promotes the long-term health of your internal sales culture and process.

This is a cure we’ve been prescribing more explicitly by integrating the outsourced sales teams we build back under the clients’ internal management.

It’s a better way than the traditional consulting approach, because it doesn’t disrupt your internal team and cause a short-term sales decline.

A Better Internal Sales Force Can Be A Result of Direct Outsourcing

You’ve probably had sales training consultants come in, either at your current gig or at some other sales job, where it felt like you’d have to stop the beating heart for a sales quarter or two while “re-engineering” your sales force.

From our perspective, most sales consultants don’t offer a solution or strategy for managing the thoughts, behaviors and emotions of the sales team as a new process is implemented.

A typical sales consultant will tell you what the result should/would look like and what the benefits will be then. But what about now. My sales force wants sales now, today! They want commissions, this pay period. Yes we understand, Ms. Consultant, that this training project will help us close more next month, next quarter or next year.

But we are the heart of this operation. If we don’t sell, no one here has a job. The management team may wonder if getting from here to there, is worth it.

Sales Partnerships is in a unique position to actually help your team sell more without stopping the heart for a complete bypass procedure.

Fixing the sales processes of a company could be compared with open-heart surgery. In a heart surgery, a cardiac specialist operates on the heart, improving its performance without letting it stop beating. Letting the heart stop could be disastrous to the patient and cause more damage and post-operative complications.

This also can happen in operating on a sales system. It’s a delicate job to fix the problem without causing the patient to go into cardiac arrest. Just as modern “beating heart surgery” results in fewer complications for the patient, we can remove and fix the heart of your sales efforts while still keeping it beating.

High turnover, below quota performance, lack of proper data capture, sales management problems and low morale. These block the circulation in an unhealthy sales system.

We help sales teams clear out the arteries, remove any blockages, repair any heart tissue and then put “it” back in the “body” of your organization. If we earn your buy-in and trust, it turns an outsourced sales effort into an avenue for improving your internal sales effort.

As an example, a company’s culture is not likely to change just as a family history of heart disease won’t change. But offering ways to successfully position your sales team for better understanding in the context of the larger organization, is possible. Just as understanding your family history can let you know what risk factors you need to mitigate.

Your sales team not making enough sales calls is a behavior that can be changed just like eating less fatty foods or quitting smoking can be changed to improve heart health. It may not be easy, but there are ways to make it more effective.

Think of Sales Partnerships as a sales team doctor if you will, the cure for tepid sales. Our main prescription works very well on the symptoms. We deliver a high return-on-investment with our direct selling team framework. This can be transplanted to your internal team.