GIS Technology: Sales Partnerships Increases Market Share for Healthcare Program

Summary of GIS Technology by Sales Partnerships

In the fourth quarter of 2022, Sales Partnerships launched a program for one of our clients to increase the market share of a healthcare prescription discount program using advanced GIS technology. Despite starting with an already high baseline of usage and facing active competitors in rural territories with underinsured populations, our team achieved remarkable results. Sales Partnerships delivered immediate success, increasing market usage for our client by 17%.

GIS Technology Challenges

The healthcare prescription discount program faced several challenges:

  • High baseline of existing usage
  • Active competitors within the territory
  • Rural territories with underinsured populations

Speed to results was critical for this client to show a return on investment (ROI) on the program. Therefore, Sales Partnerships had to implement effective field sales strategies quickly to achieve the desired results.

Overview of GIS Technology by Sales Partnerships

Sales Partnerships employs a wide range of state-of-the-art technologies, including advanced GIS technology, to assist its field sales operations. These technologies are designed to improve productivity, enhance efficiency, and protect our clients’ investments. Years of research and experience managing field sales teams have driven the development of these solutions, ensuring a balance between management goals and sales efficiency.

Traditional SaaS-based territory management solutions are often one-size-fits-all, leading to several problems:

  • Not all opportunities are equally valuable, requiring accurate territory mapping.
  • Zip codes don’t reflect actual movement within cities.
  • Staffing changes necessitate rebalancing territories.
  • Changing territories should be done quickly to avoid lost sales.
  • Commercial solutions often require advanced mastery, leading to misestimates.
  • Separation of territory analysis from creation misses recruitment opportunities.

Sales Partnerships developed a technology solution, including advanced GIS technology, that efficiently solves these challenges.


Increase in market usage through Sales Partnerships' field sales strategies.


faster speed to market compared to client internal teams.

positive impact on revenue from SPI direct field sales teams.

Importance of GIS Technology in Territory Management

Less than 2% of US sales forces achieve market saturation, meaning effective territory management is crucial. Poorly assigned territories lead to lost sales and reduced productivity. Effective territory management ensures that sales agents have a legitimate chance at success, considering factors like prospect profiles, language needs, and geographic barriers.

Solutions Provided by GIS Technology


Sales Partnerships achieved these results by leveraging our advanced technical platform for:

  • Initial territory analysis
  • Location-based recruiting
  • Sales territory design
  • Orchestration of optimal visit prioritization through advanced routing and location scoring

Our field team utilized these tools to rapidly increase market share. When you need to grow your sales and market share quickly, Sales Partnerships provides the sales reps and the technology behind those agents to make it happen.


Sales Partnerships uses advanced GIS and CRM integration for precise territory mapping


Sales Partnerships regularly updates territories based on real-time data and staffing changes


Sales Partnerships ensures optimal resource allocation and minimizes travel times

About Sales Partnerships, Inc.

Sales Partnerships, Inc.  provides turnkey field-based outsourced sales services for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies in more than 200 North American markets. As a business process outsourcing (BPO) company specializing in sales, we leverage proprietary solutions and technologies integrated with sales teams we hire and manage, presenting under our clients’ brands. Our calling card is efficiently fielding successful teams in weeks that would normally take quarters or years to deliver while still providing the gold standard for brand protection and accountability.

When competing head-to-head with other sales outsourcing firms, Sales Partnerships, Inc. has a program success rate of almost 90% (measured as beating quota during the proof of concept period, then sustaining beating quota every quarter). Our 2:1 out-performance of our competitors sets Sales Partnerships, Inc. as the standard for the market. Head to head, in 25 years, Sales Partnerships, Inc. has never been outperformed by a competitor.

Sales Partnerships, Inc. recognitions include several past Stevie Awards (top outsourced sales team, top field sales team, top training systems, top recruiting systems, finalists for sales representatives of the year/sales managers of the year), various industry awards, and 7 Inc 500/5000 wins.