Transforming Inactive Customers into Profitable Clients with Field Sales Strategies

Summary of Field Sales Strategy

Sales Partnerships, Inc., a turnkey sales outsourcing leader, was selected to represent one of the largest credit card companies in the world as their primary field sales force for a mission-critical sales effort. In 2022, more than 500,000 of their merchant customers actively discouraged either the use of credit cards entirely (to avoid the fees) or specifically our client’s card. The goal of the program was to turn these merchants around into successful and profitable customers. The size, scale, and pace of the program required an outsourced partner like us to handle the complexities, deploying hundreds of sales representatives in hundreds of physical markets.

Field Sales Challenges

Sales Partnerships, Inc. replaced other outsourced sales vehicles, including prominent telesales, field sales outsourcing, and their related marketing companies. Those methods failed to change the customer churn and low activation rates for more than 500,000 locations.


  • Speed-to-market: Critical to get in market and be at full staff within 2 months.
  • High complexity: Convincing merchants of the value of the client’s services.
  • Pandemic constraints: Overcoming challenges with Covid-19, including mask-wearing and short interaction times.


conversion rate for previously inactive customers.


customer satisfaction rate maintained.


average increase in merchant revenue within the first 90 days.

Field Sales Solutions by Sales Partnerships


Although reputable and affluent, the client’s marketing and telesales efforts had only limited impact on these reluctant merchants. SPI leveraged our industry-leading recruiting and training systems to build a team of 150 field sales representatives in just 60 days.

Using our internal GIS Territory Management Suite, we analyzed real-time data to optimize field sales strategies, routing, and SMB availability. Effective communication was maintained via Slack, and we followed strict health protocols to ensure safety.


Built and deployed a team of 150 sales representatives in just 60 days.


Utilized advanced GIS Territory Management Suite for real-time data analysis and optimized field sales routing.


Converted over 65% of engaged merchants, generating $100M in additional revenue.

Field Sales Results

In 2022, we successfully engaged with more than 500,000 merchants, converting over 65% to increase revenue with our client. These engagements generated over $100M in revenue for our client while maintaining a 99.9996% customer satisfaction rate.

About Sales Partnerships, Inc.

Sales Partnerships, Inc.  provides turnkey field-based outsourced sales services for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies in more than 200 North American markets. As a business process outsourcing (BPO) company specializing in sales, we leverage proprietary solutions and technologies integrated with sales teams we hire and manage, presenting under our clients’ brands. Our calling card is efficiently fielding successful teams in weeks that would normally take quarters or years to deliver while still providing the gold standard for brand protection and accountability.

When competing head-to-head with other sales outsourcing firms, Sales Partnerships, Inc. has a program success rate of almost 90% (measured as beating quota during the proof of concept period, then sustaining beating quota every quarter). Our 2:1 out-performance of our competitors sets Sales Partnerships, Inc. as the standard for the market. Head to head, in 25 years, Sales Partnerships, Inc. has never been outperformed by a competitor.

Sales Partnerships, Inc. recognitions include several past Stevie Awards (top outsourced sales team, top field sales team, top training systems, top recruiting systems, finalists for sales representatives of the year/sales managers of the year), various industry awards, and 7 Inc 500/5000 wins.