Leveraging AI in Sales for Recruiting and Performance Management at Sales Partnerships, Inc.


Sales Partnerships, Inc., employs a range of state-of-the-art technologies, including artificial intelligence (AI) in sales, to enhance field sales operations from both sales effectiveness and performance management perspectives. These technologies improve productivity, enhance efficiency, and protect our clients’ investments in the sales programs we manage. Driven by years of research and experience, our metric-based approaches to personnel recruiting and assessment have led to higher success rates in hiring and better personnel development.

Outsourced Sales Teams

Challenge in Implementing AI in Sales for Diverse Outsourced Teams

Recruiting and performance management are critical to sales success. Historically, the sales industry has struggled with a 48% average failure rate in hiring sales personnel. Traditional recruiting practices, varying from “gut check” decisions to bureaucratic processes, often fail to identify the best candidates. Thus, SPI recognized the need for a standardized, metric-based system to assess critical skills and behaviors impacting overall sales success, incorporating AI in sales for enhanced accuracy and efficiency.

Solution: Applying AI in Sales for Recruiting and Performance Management


In 2020, Sales Partnerships, in collaboration with partners including Qlik and Google, leveraged big data analytics, AI, and machine learning to revolutionize recruiting and performance management.

Implementing AI in Sales and Machine Learning
Over 25 years, SPI assessed tens of thousands of candidates and gathered hundreds of millions of data points. By segmenting our data sets into types of sales work and feeding them into Google’s AI platform and Qlik, we conducted two types of analysis:

Targeted Questions: Similar to traditional analytics, posing specific questions to derive actionable insights.

Machine Learning Discovery: Allowing the machine to identify significant patterns and correlations without predefined questions.
These analyses provided actionable results, uncovering areas where assumptions were incorrect and identifying new opportunities for targeting and system adjustments.


Increased the percentage of diverse employees from 22% to 48%, significantly enhancing the diversity of our outsourced sales teams.


Achieved a 99% customer satisfaction rate among clients served by our diverse outsourced sales teams.


Increased revenue by more than 5% for merchants within the first 90 days after engaging with our outsourced sales teams.

Conclusion: The Impact of AI in Sales on Recruiting and Performance Management

Sales Partnerships, Inc. has demonstrated the transformative power of AI in sales for recruiting and performance management. By integrating advanced technologies, SPI has set a new standard in sales outsourcing, achieving faster recruitment times, higher performance levels, and significant business growth for our clients.

About Sales Partnerships, Inc.

Sales Partnerships, Inc. provides turnkey field-based outsourced sales services for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies across more than 200 North American markets. As a specialist BPO company in sales, we leverage proprietary solutions and technologies integrated with field teams we hire and manage, presenting under our clients’ brands. Our calling card is fielding successful teams in weeks that would normally take quarters or years to deliver, while providing the gold standard for brand protection and accountability.