Territory Mapping Solution Helps Target Customers & Improve Productivity

Onix & Sales PartnershipsOnix, a Google Cloud Premier Partner that develops unique business solutions to help companies gain competitive edges, recently released a case study detailing their territory mapping efforts with Sales Partnerships, Inc.

One of our main goals is to make sure each Sales Partnerships field sales rep is as effective as possible. The challenge we faced was that our existing solution targeted visits to prospects based on past successes and areas in which we were accustomed to seeing results. Because this was not the most productive use of time though, we began to look for a cluster-based solution, knowing it would be more effective than the existing single-point solution.

Onix provided the solution we needed to start building our territory mapping solution and integrating it into our CRM. After considering solutions like Bing and Open Street Maps, we found the Google Maps API through Onix to be the most robust, updated, and easy to use. With QGIS and geospatial expertise already in-house, there was no extra training needed.

Sales Partnerships’ internal design studio team can now create territory targets while also allowing our back end research to be easily visualized by reps. This provides the opportunity to focus our attention on closing deals, rather than figuring out where we need to go to find them.

Onix really helped with development and supplemented our internal team. We had expertise and so did Onix, which helped get things done more quickly than we could have on our own. They helped us move our data from the CARTO tiling system to the Google Maps API.

It’s now easier to direct sales reps to areas of density rather than have them guessing or picking them on their own. The system steers reps to the accounts and areas they need to visit, while also providing street level views and shortest distance route options.

The following results have been measured since implementation:

  • Our team increased efficiency by 54 percent over 18 months.
  • Generated 116 percent ROI for the total cost of the program.
  • Google Maps and territory mapping resulted in over $1 billion in incremental revenue for the client.

Read the full case study here.