What CRM do you use?

Sales Partnerships employs different CRM implementations depending on the needs of a program. Typically for our field selling programs we use self-developed mobile CRM implementations integrated with back-end database and reporting services and other applications.

For other campaigns we have used desktop CRM applications from well respected industry leaders such as SalesForce.com, SalesNET, and Sage. If you need us to use your CRM we can do so as well as long as we have access to data that we can use for our internal performance reporting and analysis.

In many cases we have built integration between our internal systems and client CRM when the needs of the campaign justified or required use of our own internal solutions.

We have evaluated or used SalesForce.com, NetSuite, Siebel, ACT, Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Sugar CRM (and derivatives), as well as many others.