What sort of training do the salespeople get?

We provide training to our sales professionals on a wide array of topics relevant to their positions. In addition to intensive initial and ongoing training and testing on your product and marketplace knowledge, Sales Partnerships sales professionals receive education and training in our proprietary sales training program.

Our sales theory and methods training combines lessons learned from Miller Heiman, SPIN, QBS, and Vass with methods developed in-house like “Emotive Selling” that focuses on buyer motivations both objective and subjective.

Training also includes intensive role play, as well as business ethics, key HR concepts, technical training, policy training (yours and ours), and training on customer privacy and the role of data and information on the job.

We also provide ongoing refresher training classes, regular mandated ride-along and coaching sessions with managers, and periodic refreshers on sales theory and practicum training.

Additionally, we utilize a web based knowledge base for each client campaign that all relevant personnel can access as well as message boards and internal posting sites for reps to share knowledge gained on the job – moderated by the sales management team.