What happens if a sales rep misses their quota or target?

Sales Partnerships maintains a progressive performance improvement and discipline process when deficiencies in activity or performance occur. This process looks at many aspects of a sales professional’s work activity and performance and is designed to identify if past activity and performance will determine future success or failure.

The first step is to evaluate the sales rep in a number of key areas including their motivation levels, activity levels, sales process adherence, customer interactions, territory and targeting of prospects, as well as possible external factors such as competitive pressure, local economy, etc…

From this point the sales professional is put on a graduated performance improvement plan that identifies specific areas of deficiency that need improvement. The sales management team will work with the sales professional to address those deficiencies through training, role play, and tandem selling.

When successful, the sales professional returns to adequate or better levels of performance. If unsuccessful, the sales professional will be replaced. Sales Partnerships has a strong track record of recovering sub-standard performance in those that adhere to their performance improvement plans and respond to our coaching and training.