How do you protect my data, and the privacy of my customer data?

The relationship between you and your customers drives value for your business. We understand this and take the obligation to protect your data and the privacy of your customers seriously.

We have in place strong business process, policies, and controls to see that this data is protected. The first principle we apply is that we only collect the data we need.

Then, in order to protect your data and the privacy of your customers we use a structured approach to secure your data electronically and that data is only visible when it is needed to complete a step or stage in the selling process. This same principle of limited access is applied to any personally identifiable information data collected about your customers.

By using a structured process, we know where protected sensitive data is in our system and we know it is being exposed only for legitimate business use. Further, by knowing where the data is we can protect it by using industry standard technology.

In addition we have controls in place to revoke access to this data should we need to even further limit its availability. This process is most effective if implemented at the beginning of an engagement with our clients and is a key part of our new client setup process.