How do you hold the sales professionals accountable?

Sales Partnerships employs several monitoring and evaluation processes that keep track of sales rep activity and performance on a daily basis.

These solutions involve a combination of technology, administrative oversight, and direct management interaction and oversight to ensure that all of our sales professionals know that they are are well supported, but also held to a high standard of performance and adherence to activity expectations.

Some of our key sales management processes include detailed electronic observation and evaluations conducted on a frequent basis for all members of a sales team, knowledge reviews and testing of sales staff, streamlined sales goal matrixes and activity standards applied to all sales staff, and reporting and analytics designed to provide actionable data to managers in near real-time.

During the campaign planning and launch phase, specific sales targets, sales activity standards, observation criteria, and other key performance management criteria are established. These criteria are then imbedded into the sales management tools and processes for use by sales managers. Sales managers recruited or assigned to your campaign are trained in the use of these tools and the standards by which they are used for your campaign.