Do you do commission only programs?

For established companies with a significant product history and strong product support, effective marketing strategies, and strong brand recognition in the market place, Sales Partnerships can develop a commission only program.

In these cases, there is still a necessity to maintain the level of individual sales professional support and management that is the backbone of Sales Partnerships’ service offering and this will be included as part of the negotiated pricing structure.

In any event, Sales Partnerships will tailor a sales program to fit the needs and compensation philosophy of its clients so long as the market for the sales professionals needed will support it.

If you are investigating sales programs that you believe will have zero up-front investment on your part and require no support infrastructure, we encourage you to investigate other selling channel solutions such as distribution and value added types of relationships (although it is a fallacy to believe that such channels will cost you nothing – they can be enormously expensive to manage successfully).

Sales Partnerships is a dedicated brand labeled selling solution, and as such requires some investment on the part of our clients.