How are you different from contract sales firms or 1099 sales firms?

Our representation of your products and services is dedicated and exclusive, and the identity of our sales professionals remains tied to your brand and product line. Our teams are held to quotas and quality standards that are managed and enforced on a daily basis. Sales team loyalties are to your brand and customers, and the customer experience is paramount.

The sales professionals are held accountable to a high standard of activity and performance and are required to maintain current and accurate understanding of your products, marketplace, and customer needs.

Dedicated management staff, administrative support, and strict recruiting processes ensure a consistent quality of sales person is placed on your team and that customer interactions are as uniform and predictable as possible.

In many cases our sales professionals interact routinely with our clients’ operations and support staff to attend training and sales meetings, address customer questions, tackle order fulfillment challenges, and ensure the overall quality of the customer experience.