How do you (we) compensate and incentivize the sales professionals?

A key determinant of the success of any sales campaign is the compensation and incentives provided to the sales professionals. One of the critical areas of consultation when we work with any client is how the compensation and incentive package can be optimized to drive the best performance.

Many companies create compensation plans for their sales people that promote activity and behaviors that may run contrary to the firm’s development or financial goals. Sales Partnerships will work with you to ensure this doesn’t happen.

Compensation is determined by a variety of factors, including industry standards for the level of skill and qualifications needed or requested, compensation offered by competitors, local cost of living standards (for field programs), length of sales cycle, and the complexity of the selling process and product.

Most of our programs include some form of base salary compensation for the sales professional (enough to attract the appropriate talent levels needed) and a competitive performance-derived variable compensation plan as the primary incentive for performance.

Additional custom tailored sales performance incentives are extended and managed by Sales Partnerships. Oftentimes our clients like to participate in crafting these additional bonus and performance incentive plans.