Why Contract Sales Through Sales Partnerships?

With several specialty and primary care sales representatives in more than 100 North American markets, Sales Partnerships knows how to build winning teams. Our customer satisfaction scores consistently exceed 90% and we have never been outperformed by any competing channel sales team. Ever. In addition to recruiting, training and managing your sales force, our contract sales services go beyond traditional contract sales organizations, including:

  • Boosting sales in new therapeutic areas with highly experienced specialty sales teams.
  • Rapidly expanding into one or several new geographic areas.
  • Maintaining continuity of territory coverage and gaining deeper market share of existing territories.
  • Real-time results that provide access to data on region, territory and rep performance. 
  • Complete transparency into the product messaging, territory management, and target customers – you retain strategic control every step of the process.


Contract Sales Designed to Help You Succeed

Sales Partnerships offers the flexibility to quickly ramp your pharma sales team up or down based on your need, budget or business demand. Our advanced analytics tools allow us to track effectiveness and swiftly modify programs to maximize success and meet your business objectives. We can deploy contract sales teams in as little as 45 days (and sometimes less) to perform:

  • Outside Sales / Field Sales
  • Field Customer Service Teams
  • Detailing / eDetailing
  • Patient & Provider Engagement

If you’re in the process of researching contract sales organizations, we’d love to talk.

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