Sales Recruiting Features and Hiring Process

Understanding Your Business and Your Ideal Sales Professional

When you work with us, you get a proven sales hiring process. We’ll start by working with you to develop a sales staffing needs analysis. We’ll work with you to evaluate your sales performance goals and history, target customer and demographics, sales process and sales cycle, compensation planning, budgets and performance goals, timing, geography, and a host of other areas critical to identifying the right recruiting strategy. Our recruiting development team will work with you to help us gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of your business and its economics, and then, with your input, prepares a business, staffing, and candidate profile document to be used as the basis of the recruiting campaign.

Planning and Engagement

After the initial consultation and candidate profile and recommendations process is completed, SPI will develop a recruiting plan and work with you and key stakeholders in your firm to carry out this plan, paving the way to a successful recruiting and hiring effort. We’ll ensure we understand your final selection process and hiring timeline, and if you need assistance in refining your final selection process, SPI can help you to develop a final interview process and questionnaire. If you’d like us to participate in final interviews to help identify and promote best practices for your hiring manager or selection committee we can do so as well. SPI stays actively engaged with your firm to ensure that logistics issues and details big and small are resolved and don’t impede the recruitment process. This planning and engagement process continues through the life of the sales recruiting engagement to ensure that shifts in the your perceptions of what you think will work best, refinement of the candidate profile and your business economics are incorporated into the recruitment effort.


For our sourcing activity, we employ a variety of methods to find candidates for the positions you need filled; we target both active and passive candidates to ensure we are casting as wide a net as possible. We start with creating appropriate job marketing content for presentation in media and work with you and your company’s internal resources to properly represent the position to be filled. We employ direct headhunting and networking. We use traditional advertising media, job boards and search engines. We use referrals and approach candidate references and prior places of employment for additional headhunting opportunities. We’ll submit example resumes and real-world candidate profiles to you for review and refinement of the search process. Throughout the sourcing process we engage with you to ensure that the candidate profile is still accurate and that the sourced resumes fit your candidate expectations.

Screening and Interviewing

SPI has developed and refined screening and interviewing techniques that perform exceptionally well at identifying key attributes of successful sales people. The process is sales specific, utilizes an intensive scoring and evaluation matrix, and consistently identifies qualified and productive sales people for our clients. Our recruiting team performs an initial screening process and interviews each qualified candidate that we submit to you. The more complexity and senior level the position is that we’re looking for, the more in depth the process will be. The process presents behavioral questions, bench-marked and valid aptitude and personality profile and skills testing, role playing, and situational type questioning to identify whether candidates have the appropriate attitude, aptitude, and experience to successfully navigate your challenging and fast paced sales environment.

Additional Candidate Testing

For particular positions, additional candidate skill and personality assessments may be recommended. We can perform valid and reliable testing provided by several recognized and respected testing services targeted at sales and soft skill occupations. If specific knowledge or skills are needed we can also provide testing for those as well and will work with you to identify the testing protocols and proctoring standards you need applied.

Final Interview, Evaluation, and Selection Process

The final interview and evaluation process is where we coordinate final interviews with your key stakeholders in the process, whether that be your sales management team members, HR team members, or key executives. We’ll coordinate with your schedule and provide suggestions and advice for the final interviewing process if desired. Once a final candidate selection is made, you make offers to the appropriate candidates and begin the hiring process. We always endeavor to provide enough candidates so that you will have at least two (and typically as many as five) qualified candidates for each open position and have a backup in case one of the candidates falls out.

Post Hire

Once you’re ready to launch your sales team, we can provide additional assistance in sales management best practices, training, sales technology, and compensation and HR planning for your sales team. This will further solidify the quality of the team and ensure you get the best results possible from your new sales people.