Key Features of SPI’s Sales Outsourcing Services

Understanding the Need

SPI invests a substantial amount of time and resources in each of its clients to evaluate past sales and marketing history, product development and life-cycle, budget and performance goals, timing, geography, and a host of other areas critical to identifying the right strategy.  Our senior management team will work with you to gain a deeper understanding of the complexities of your business and its economics. This evaluation is incorporated into a set of recommendations for strategy and tactics to employ within a sales outsourcing campaign (and elsewhere in your business, if desired) to achieve the best return on investment.

Planning and Engagement

After the initial evaluation and recommendations process is completed, SPI will develop a detailed campaign project plan and work with you and key stakeholders in your firm to carry out this plan and pave the way for a successful sales campaign launch.   SPI stays actively engaged with your firm to ensure that logistics issues and details big and small are resolved and don’t impede the launch of your sales campaign.  This planning and engagement process continues through the life of the sales outsourcing engagement to ensure that shifts in the marketplace, your product development cycle, and your business economics are incorporated into the sales campaign.

Sales Recruiting

During our initial consultations, we work with you to identify key traits, skills, and experiences that describe the ideal sales professional for your product and marketplace.  Our aggressive interviewing, testing, and evaluation process allow us to consistently find the best talent available within the established profile for the expected target compensation levels. We identify the best talent through proprietary candidate evaluation and selection processes combined with advertising, job boards, networking, employee referral programs, and direct headhunting. More about our sales recruiting services.

Sales Training

SPI deploys training programs combining your  product and marketplace knowledge with SPI proprietary and industry leading third party sales methodology training. The end results are better trained sales professionals, armed with effective sales approaches and process, that hit the ground running and close sales fast. This same training continues through an employee’s tenure with SPI, including ongoing sales methodology and theory training as well as training to support changes in your products and marketplace.

Sales Management

Successful sales management is a key challenge in many sales programs, small and large.  Capable and effective sales managers, with good processes behind them, can make the difference between an under-performing, unmotivated sales team, and a top producing sales team.  SPI has incorporated a variety of processes and systems to streamline the sales management environment and incorporate best practices into our sales management environment to identify and develop  strong managers and give them the tools, knowledge, and information to run successful sales teams.

Process Control and Management Best Practices

SPI employs best practices from a variety of disciplines and sources to maintain consistent and strong performance.  A sales staff with mature sales management practices reach goal nearly 10% more than sales departments that don’t according to CSO Insights.

SPI employs concepts and practices from a variety of disciplines including those established by the Outsourcing Institute, Six Sigma, Total Performance Management, and numerous sales management focused experts and organizations.  We are focused on continued success in our sales programs targeting longer term successes for our clients.

Technology and Sales Performance Analysis

SPI is recognized as an industry innovator in use of technology and process control. Our technologies allow for data driven assessment of performance and market data whether for inside sales or in the field – the field technology goes even further by helping each sales professional to maximize the value of sales leads, simplify contact management, and manage sales territory.  During program planning and launch, and over the life of your program, SPI will work with you to help you get better insight into your market and the current future success of the sales program.  Customized reporting and analysis can be provided to you in addition to a wide variety of standard reporting and analysis that SPI provides to all of its clients.

Quality Assurance

Our administrative and quality assurance processes ensure that both internal and external compliance requirements are met and may include activity auditing, customer surveys, and other means of ensuring the customer experience is of a high quality and consistent with your values and objectives.  The quality assurance process also ensures the timely and correct processing of customer orders and helps ensure that incentive plans are applied consistently, accurately, and fairly – key to ensuring sales professional morale and satisfaction.