Sales Management Consulting

SPConsult is our brand of sales management consulting, designed to help the sales director or executive by furnishing solutions that better integrate their mission, with the operational concerns of the broader organization.

Most sales consulting services we’ve seen in the market, are mainly motivational or training seminars delivered to a roomful of eager sales reps. While there is a place for that,  SPConsult addresses deeper organizational issues.

Our consulting and training is based on Six Sigma principles which we deploy in complex Fortune 500 environments. This allows us to understand your current environment, even in the context of complicated organizational structures. From that, a clear path is almost always possible to create sales solutions for training, technology and recruitment,  that are minimally disruptive to your internal structures.

What you get from engaging SPConsult

Here are a few of the solutions that this process brings.

  • Solve sales issues which threaten the strategic direction of the entire organization
  • Clear strategies that move your team forward
  • Using a score card to easily rank candidates and new hires
  • Field observations that tell you the most about performance
  • How to capture rejection feedback that makes a difference
  • How to tie all the observational data into a clear strategy

Who We Help

SPI works with middle-market and Fortune 500 clients from competitive industries such as wireless & broadband, healthcare & deregulated energy, to name a few.

Sales management consulting grew by 25% in 2012.  We see this as a result of B2B sales getting more complex. Sales executives are searching for new management models and tools to manage that complexity. If your company’s sales are under-performing the industry average, that adds up to short-term (missed sales projections) and long-term (market share loss) damage. SPConsult can help you turn that around.

How We Help

Part of the SPConsult promise is that we will become an advocate for your sales department.

Common issues may be,

  • Legacy accounting and operational systems force limited functionality of CRM and other sales technology
  • Turn-over of sales staff is higher than it should be
  • Production per sales person is lower than it should be

Our sales consulting services are built following this SPConsult methodology. While each engagement is different, SPConsult has four foundational solutions that we take and customize for your situation.

Build a New Sales Team To Spec

This is for clients who want a firm deliverable; a packaged high-level sales team complete with a full sales and hiring process.

Sales Technology Implementation

In this situation, your staff might be excellent but you have a nagging feeling (or hard data!) that legacy sales technology is holding you back.

Sales Process Consulting

Our sales process design hits all the points in your sales channel, independent of the make-up of your sales team.

Sales Team Turnaround

We can start with what you have and turn around a broken sales team. Our approach doesn’t throw sales training and motivation at the problem but helps identify “de-motivating” structures and provide common-sense approaches to removing them. We look at current staff and processes, develop a new profile of what makes a successful sales employee and provide strategies for re-invigorating the how and the why of your team.

What is the key to the SPConsult process?

The key to SPConsult is not our solutions. The key is understanding the current environment in which you operate. There is nothing magical about the solutions we provide. They are nothing more and nothing less than the logical outcome of dedicating twenty years to designing, testing and scaling sales teams of all shapes and sizes.

Moving past the status-quo is hard. Deciding on a sales consulting company that has the best chance of producing the appropriate ROI is also a challenge.

We’d appreciate having a conversation about how our solutions address that and can help your sales team thrive.