Quality Assurance & Sales Operations Team

Our sales operations team makes the “machine” of SPI work in a consistent, replicable, and scalable way. Our administration and quality assurance team helps reinforce best selling practices, high activity levels, and ensures that sales professionals are compensated fairly and accurately.

These are the sales support staff that allow for the actual sales work to be done.  Resources we bring to your program include,

  • IT staff
  • Administrators
  • Sales trainers
  • Finance

Our IT department has created revolutionary sales solutions that make the job of the sales rep more productive and easier while still generating detailed analytics and integration with other business areas, much like traditional CRM implementations can.

SPI’s investments in training are significantly higher than industry averages with the payoff being higher sales and better overall staff performance. For as much recognition as our sales professionals get, they can only achieve their time in the spotlight because they are supported by a highly effective support team – SPI’s operations team.