Executive Team – Sales Partnerships Inc

Fred Kessler
Frederick Kessler, CEO

Fred Kessler founded Sales Partnerships in 1997 after leaving Cornell University and the University of Southern Colorado’s Political Science and Philosophy programs with honors. Two decades of sales and sales management prepared him for the challenge of being one of the pioneers of the sales outsourcing industry. As a sales representative he has set records for achievement in sales, sales management, and sales program development. Mr. Kessler was twice honored, in two different industries, as being in the top 5 of all sales reps in his industry (Pharmaceuticals and Publishing Distribution). His background also includes director positions in Fortune 500 companies as well as two stints as a VP of sales (publishing and software). A New York native, he was happily transplanted to Colorado, started a family here, and has headed SPI since it’s inception.

Aaron Kullman
D. Aaron Kullman, COO

Aaron Kullman, SPI’s Vice President of Operations and COO joined SPI in early 1998. During his time at SPI, Mr. Kullman has overseen the development and implementation of numerous sales processes and systems for SPI and its clientele including CRM deployment, compensation management analysis and systems, and recruiting management systems as well as overseeing deployments of remote field offices across the country. During his tenure with SPI, Mr. Kullman has managed client relationships, sales representatives, and administration and technical staff as well as serving as a successful sales rep in his own right. Strengths in business theory, statistical analysis, IT systems, and management principles help him remain one of the top professionals in the field of sales outsourcing.

Donald Beckman
Donald Beckman, HR Director

Donald Beckman, SPHR, SPI’s Human Resources Director, joined SPI in early 2005. During his time at SPI, Mr. Beckman had been key in the development and improvement of key HR and recruiting systems. Mr. Beckman also leads SPI’s internal recruiting department. Since his decorated career as a USAF Officer through 1995, Mr. Beckman has had a successful professional career in the civilian sector in sales, recruiting, and human resources. He has earned two masters degrees (MBA and MPA) from Golden Gate University, in San Francisco, CA. Mr. Beckman has also been a high school and youth sports official for wrestling, football, baseball, softball, and basketball for the past 13 years in the state of Colorado.

Orion Wiseman
Orion Wiseman, IT Director

Orion Wiseman is involved in every technical aspect of business execution including vendor management, technical implementation, data privacy policies, and data security protections. He is well versed in core selling technologies to help maximize returns for our clients, including: CRM development, mobile sales force automation solutions, telephony, electronic communications, and data collection for analysis. Mr. Wiseman strongly believes that technology, used correctly, helps our clients achieve their sales goals. In order to reach these goals Mr. Wiseman works with each client to integrate their data and technical systems into the selling process, while protecting the client’s data and the privacy of the client’s customers.

Orion Wiseman builds on years of experience with Sales Partnerships having joined the company in 2005. Before joining SPI, Mr. Wiseman worked in the e-commerce, banking, and wireless technology industries.